Inspiration 9-9-09

Trees. They are so varied and interesting.

Take these photos of bark. The first is from a pine tree in Rocky Mountain National Park, the second is from a poplar in a friend’s back yard.

Pine Bark

Poplar Bark

I love the color and shapes of the pine tree bark. The poplar has some great texture.

I’ve discovered that when I am in a slump creativity-wise, perhaps a block, drawing trees gets me back in the groove.

So go draw, and maybe hug, a tree 🙂

One Reply to “Inspiration 9-9-09”

  1. Well you can’t argue with talent and you have it in plenty too.

    Those two photos looks like abstract paintings to me. But, no I am nothing like a painter, only a lover of paintings and I came here through another way, because of a post of mine on trees, a dumb one, there is nothing like hugging a tree in it. Its a mere fantasy.

    I have a love for trees though, fights like hell for them when some one wants to cut them down. They were called seers in our mythology. They calmly meditate all the time and as one poet friend explained to me give selflessly and unconditionally .

    I liked your alphabet sketches, though don’t know anything about celtic art.

    You would be most welcome to visit my blog.

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