Update 10/19/2014

A lot has changed in the past year. I have slowed down on the production of art. It’s been harder to find time to fit it in with this new addition to my life.

Fire Oak Studio New Addition

Currently I am working on two bowls that are a collaboration with Ken Gadway. He turned the bowls and I am doing the pyrography art on them. All of the artwork is original, hand drawn and burned. I’m very exited about the project. I’m planning on debuting the bowls on October 23rd at the Artists Supporting ARC show. Ken will be selling one of the bowls and I will be selling the other.

Here is a peek at them –

Fire Oak Studio Winter WIP Fire Oak Studio Odin's Bowl WIP Closeup Fire Oak Studio WIP Closeup Fire Oak Studio Odins Bowl WIP

One Reply to “Update 10/19/2014”

  1. After many years of being an artist and dabbling in many, many different crafts the one craft that I enjoyed the most was wood burning.. One of the pieces that I was most proud of and was the most fun to do was a solid by fold door for our bathroom.. I burned a marsh scene with a blue heron standing in the marsh and an otter swimming underwater along with all the cattails and marsh grasses.. I am unable to do that anymore but I am able to appreciate the incredible work that you do and the talent that you have.. The love that you have for your craft and your warm spirit shows in every piece that you do.. Thank you for sharing

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