Celtic Alphabet

My sketches for the alphabet are complete. Now it is on to painting. I plan on acrylic on wood boards. I would imagine that it will take me quite a while. I’d love to get them all done by my son’s first birthday, but realistically I think it will take a bit longer. Especially if I manage to find a day job.

I gathered all the sketches together, cleaned them up in Photoshop, and compiled them in a single image. Without further ado, here is the alphabet.

Celtic Alphabet

6 Replies to “Celtic Alphabet”

  1. That is so fantastic, Chris!, whenever you are done with them I have in mind a couple of kids whom I would like to get the initials for…. if you will have prints available, of course.

    1. Thank you. Are you looking for the whole alphabet or certain letters. I am still working on completing the paintings for several letters, so I don’t have an option for the full alphabet at this time.

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